Methodical surface disinfection!

Where wiping is possible, spray disinfection should not be used!

It has been proved that wipe-down disinfection is more thorough and extensive than spray disinfection.

This is because spraying is not effective across large areas. Spray disinfection is useful for cleaning uneven, difficult and/or poorly accessible surfaces. However: if possible, the product should also be wiped in order to spread it across the entire area.


Criteria: spraying and wiping

Spraying Wiping
difficult, uneven, poorly accessible surfaces minor impact on health (because wiping causes aerosols to be released)
ready-to-use comprehensive disinfection
long shelf-life (containers) additionally mechanical removal of pathogens by rubbing

When spraying is necessary, then please be methodical about it!

If spraying is required, we recommend using the 16-side wipe folding method:

This method helps you to achieve the largest possible wiping surface for disinfection. It also means you are using a hygienically and ecologically safe method, which is also beneficial in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Spraying with method. zoom


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