mikrozid® PAA wipes - the strong ones

A high-performance product for high-risk areas.
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The powerhouse is not only suitable for use in high-risk areas, but can also be used effectively in the event of an outbreak. Thanks to the unique oxidising action of peracetic acid, the mikrozid® PAA wipes have a sporicidal action and are also effective against C. difficile in just 5 minutes. Because peracetic acid is broken down into oxygen and acetic acid, no ecologically harmful residues are left behind on the surface. With the high degree of efficacy and the short action time, the mikrozid® PAA wipes are the ideal tool especially for the disinfection of near-patient surfaces and hand contact areas in common high-risk areas. With the mikrozid® PAA wipes, schülke has for the first time successfully developed a dosage form containing peracetic acid in a ready-to-use wipe.

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Our plus
  • Highly effective even against risky germs like tuberculosis, Noro-virus or Clostridium difficile
  • Fast action with short contact time
  • Ready to use wipes thus no time is wasted for activation
  • Wide surface area coverage up to 3.5m² per wipe
  • Large dimension of wipe allows economical coverage and ease of handling each wipe
  • Approved for TEE probes*
  • mikrozid® PAA wipes can be used up to 28 days after opening

* Please contact our Customer Sales Service for further information.

Exemplary for surfaces
  • TEE probes*
  • Work surfaces in areas, in which there is a high risk of pathogen germs being transmitted
  • Near-patient surfaces
  • Surfaces with frequent hand- and skin contact

Please contact our Customer Sales Service for further information.

Packaging size
Item number Packaging size
128101 10 x 50 wipes dispenser
70000905 3 x 50 wipes dispenser



With the extremely high efficacy and the short action time, the mikrozid® PAA wipes are the ideal tool especially for the disinfection of near-patient surfaces and hand contact areas in common high-risk areas:

  • Isolation wards
  • Operating theatres
  • Surfaces that come into contact with immunosuppressed patients, due to e.g. chemotherapy
  • Intensive care unit in case of immunodeficiency
  • Functional areas with frequent change (e.g. ambulance)
  • Surfaces in the CSSD
  • Endoscopy
  • neonatal ward



Although hygienic precautions are already extensively applied today, the incidence of precautionary measures can be further increased, especially in hospitals. To prevent the pathogens from spreading further, appropriate disinfection measures are required to kill them effectively and in the long run. These measures also include the highly effective disinfectant wipes mikrozid® PAA wipes. They can be used for example against the following microbes.

  • Clostridium difficile
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Time saving

Time saving

In areas in which time is of the essence, the necessary action time is particularly important with regard to safety and cost-effectiveness. The mikrozid® PAA wipes with their high efficacy and extremely short action time are thus particularly suitable for e.g. these areas:

  • Reprocessing of endoscopes without channels
  • Functional areas with a frequent change, e.g. X-ray
  • Intermediate disinfection in the ambulance

Effective, more effective, peracetic acid!

Peracetic acid – highly effective also against viruses, mycobacteria and spores.
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German source: Assadin, O., Kramer, A., in: Wallhäußers Praxis der Sterilisation, Desinfektion, Antiseptik und Konservierung, 2007


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