mikrozid® Range

Professional and fast disinfection ensures a germ-free surface.

Protect patients and staff, prevent contamination.

Surfaces that frequently come into contact with hands or the skin present a high risk of transmission
of infections. This includes in particular all surfaces in the patient‘s surroundings.

Studies* have shown, that pathogens can survive several weeks or in some cases even months on surfaces causing a high risk of cross-contamination.

Patient-near surfaces

In the past noscomial infections have increased in a worrying number. Surface disinfection is one of the most important preventive measures to stop contamination, especially since all surfaces close to patients are part of the transmission chain. Consequently a number of surface disinfectants like sprays or disinfectant wipes have been developed for surfaces close to patients. schülke is dedicated to ensure that these products have an excellent effectiveness and material compatibility, as well as application comfort, smell and efficient cost benefit relation.

* A. Kramer, I. Schwebke, G. Kampf: How long do nosocomial pathogens persist on inanimate surfaces? A systematic review, BMC infect. Dis. 6 (2006).



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